Our first letter…(recommendation)

Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

National Headquarters

Alexandria, VA

August 27, 2013

Dear RID Board members and National RID Headquarters staff:

Based on observations, facts, and collective experiences from the RID membership, the recommendation below is addressed to the Board and to the staff of National RID Headquarters.  Additionally, we invite anyone who finds merit to consider this recommendation and take it upon themselves to make this a “doable action” as a part of the “New RID.”

This is an invitation to the Board and the staff of National RID Headquarters to take part of an awareness that is taking place amongst the mainstream culture- discussions of Privilege and Power. Focusing this further for our impact on each other in our position in society and in organizations such as ours. The membership value and look up to the Board as models. Most of the Mainstream Culture is not aware of the Privileges that exist when co-existing with Deaf people. Then we have people, on the inside, who have invested their time with Deaf people that may or may not be aware of these privileges.  We invite the board and the staff of National RID Headquarters to become familiar with these privileges and what we can do as a group to co-exist respectfully, in full faith that we have the intent and the ability to communicate with a framework, and make balanced decisions together.

Audism awareness has a significant domino effect on the persons trained and those with whom they interact. Simple doable actions such as choosing how we convey words, respond with an open slate in place of judgment, and understanding will reduce the continental divide with discerning how Deaf and hearing needs can be met when interacting with each other. Audism awareness will give the Board and the National Headquarters tools to evaluate issues at hand, resolve conflicts based on misunderstandings and triggers, and make balanced decisions that, at the end, are socially justifiable. When natural leaders such as yourselves incorporate and model these tools- the way the National Headquarters is viewed will change, the Board will be regarded as a balance that RID needs, and all of the conferences to follow, will evolve. This is the “New RID.”

It is recommended, as leaders taking a part of the “New RID”, that the Board and the staff of National RID Headquarters take the initiative to partake in Audism Awareness training before and during the circulation of the new Motion being put forth by the Deaf Caucus. This motion, regardless of their Deaf or hearing status, will mandate the board members and the National Headquarters Staff to receive Audism awareness training each term.

Be progressive, be the change, and start today.

Thank you,

The Deaf Caucus Council and Member Section

Resource List for Audism Awareness Training


Facundo Element:


Alison Aubretch and Ryan Commerson



Deafhood Foundation:


Butch Zien and Ella Mae Lentz




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